Pools? Patios? Yes JAK can coat that!

Looking to give your concrete pool surround a facelift?

JAK Clients, Chris and Sandra were looking for a slip resistant finish that would update their pool deck and surrounding Patio. Their stamped concrete was discolored, cracked and slippery when wet.

We delivered a maintenance free solution and coated their pool and surrounding patios with a beautiful, durable, slip resistant, UV stable Penntek Coating.

Take a look at the transformation, before, during, and after.

The JAK crew went in, profiled the old concrete, repaired the cracks, and smoothed the edges.

They finished the job with Penntek Coatings Evolution Chip in Slate and for added grip, added silica sand to the topcoat.

The color Chris and Sandra chose really lightened the space and gave it an upscale look and feel.

They were thrilled with the results!

Celebrating a job well done!

Contact our design team and let’s transform your pool and patio!

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