Let the JAK professionals do it!

Long Beach clients, Sheri and Gregg were looking to brighten up their dull, boring concrete porch. Should they paint it? Stain it? Make it a do it yourself project? They weren’t sure…until they were introduced to Authorized Penntek Dealers, JAK Concrete Coatings Inc.

They discovered that JAK could install a 100% UV Stable Penntek concrete coating that wouldn’t yellow, fade or discolor from the outdoor elements. It’s maintenance free. Once applied, no sealing or touch ups needed, ever!

It’s durable, stain and chemical resistant, antimicrobial, cleans easily and comes with a 15 year guarantee to not chip, peel or flake.

Paints, stains and DIY kits are messy, laborious and can’t deliver the long lasting, look and feel of a JAK professionally installed coating. Plus most homeowner’s don’t have the right equipment or training to repair cracks and chips for a flawless finish.

They trusted the professionals at JAK to get it done and in one day they had a beautiful new porch.

It was a quality job that added long lasting value to their home! Oh and their four legged friends like it too!

Thank you Gregg & Sheri!

Have a project you’d like the JAK professionals to tackle? Contact us for a complimentary design consultation

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