TransFLOORmation Tuesday!

We are back with our transformation of the week! Carl in San Pedro got the JAK Concrete Coatings treatment πŸ’₯

NO….this is NOT epoxy….

The crew profiled the concrete using a diamond grinder, fixed and repaired cracks, then coated it with a Penntek Industrial Coatings Polyurea and Polyaspartic Evolution coating which is more stable, durable and flexible than epoxy.

He had his garage finished with JAK so he could safely store his vintage cars that he enjoys taking to car shows and re-building. This color floor is “SAND STONE”

βœ… Won’t chip, peel, flake
βœ… Easy to Clean
βœ… Slip Resistant
βœ… 100% UV Stable
βœ… Won’t Yellow or fade
βœ… Lifetime Warranty

If you have an interior or exterior surface you’d like to transform, contact us and one of our in-home design consultants will help you choose the right solution for your space!

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