All about that gray…

When it comes to concrete coatings, JAK gives you options! Take a look at our most popular gray based color selections! Gray: any of a series of neutral colors ranging between black and white.

Slatestone: Subtle gray tones and whites:

Tidal Wave: Subtle gray, blues and whites:

Mt. Everest: Subtle gray, tans and whites.

Silvercreek: Dark and subtle gray tones with white accents.

Smoke: Dark gray, black and white blend.

Domino: Bold black with gray and white.

Pebble Beach: Earthy blend of gray, tan, brick and white.

Custom color options available! Visit www.colorflakes.com for inspiration!

Our design consultants can help you select the perfect choice for your space! Book your complimentary consultation today, 562-285-6770.

The Stretch Test

Will your coating move with your concrete slab? Flexibility and elongation will minimize cracking, peeling and hot tire pick up.

JAK Concrete Coatings uses the highest quality products available, giving you a long lasting and durable floor.

Forget the rest, work with the best! and #JAKattack it

The Hammer Test

Why JAK Concrete Coatings uses Penntek Industrial Coatings.

#JAK Attack it with JAK Concrete Coatings! Tell us about your project. How can we improve your space?

Another 10/10 Customer Review!

We love our customers and we love receiving 10/10 reviews from them as well!

“Workers were prompt, informative, and worked quickly to get the job done. They let me know of any issues and addressed potential concerns before proceeding to finish the project. Would definitely recommend and use again.”

Thank you to David for trusting us with your garage and front steps! Check out the amazing transformation below. Give us a day, and we can give you a floor that lasts a lifetime!

Gave his front steps a much needed face lift!

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Let’s Get Down to Business!

It’s our favorite day of the week… TransFLOORmation Tuesday! We have a garage floor here we did in just ONE day and gave it a makeover using the color “Driftwood.”

Check out the video below of Oscar and Bryon giving this floor the works and transforming ugly concrete to a 4x stronger than epoxy concrete coating!

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TransFLOORmation Tuesday!

Check out this great before and after we did in Riverside, CA! They went with the chip color “domino” and we are obsessed.
“Guys were on time, very professional, garage and patio floor look FANTASTIC 👌” – Garage Floor Owner!

We were also able to re-do their back patios and walk way! Check out the before and afters below. Think you may want something similar?

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✅ 4Xs stronger than epoxy 

✅ Durable 

✅ Easy to clean 

✅ Non-porous 

✅ Chemical resistant 

✅ Stain resistant 

✅ Slip resistant 

✅ Antibacterial 

✅ Antimicrobial 

✅ UV Stable 

✅ Lifetime color warranty 

✅ 15 year warranty against peeling, chipping and flaking 

Hablamos español 

#JAKattack it!

When you want the best product, the best service & best results, you want to JAK attack it!

No more ugly concrete. JAK certified installers will prep your surface, and apply a durable, long lasting www.penntekcoatings.com

  • 4Xs stronger than epoxy
  • Wont chip, flake, peel or delaminate
  • UV stable
  • Slip resistant
Garages, Patios & Walkways

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Fan-tan-stic Floor Coatings

Explore JAK Concrete’s tan & beige chip colors and discover the perfect neutral for your space. Inspired by nature, tan color combinations are uncomplicated, and versatile.

Pecan: Nutty tones with a touch of black, white and brick.

Sandstone: Darker tans and browns, black and white accents.

Driftwood: Beiges, tans and black.

Chestnut: Earthy reds, browns and tan.

Cordwood: Browns, tans and hint of pistachio.

Grind & Clear: Let the natural beauty of your concrete shine.

Can’t decide? Our Design Consultants can help! Schedule your complimentary consultation today 562-285-6770.

Check out ww.colorflakes.com for custom color options.

Happy Concrete Coating Review!

Sarah and Abed had their contractor install Epoxy onto their garage floor.

When they complained that it didn’t look right he added a layer of “Shine” to the top coat.

What was left was nothing short of horrible. Cost to them: $2,000

Within a week they noticed chipping and within 10 days Abed was able to pull back huge layers of Epoxy like skin from an onion.

The went back to their contractor who shrugged his shoulders and told them, “Oh well…”

Oh well?

Is that how you want to be treated by someone who you entrust to do a great job for you in your own home?

We think not.

We are JAK Concrete Coatings and we have over 35 plus years of Contracting experience under our belts.

When you invite us into your home to install our concrete coatings onto your ugly concrete, not only do we do an amazing job and guarantee our work for 15 years, we offer referral fees when your friends get installed too!

Believing we are all one community we only want great things to be said by all our customers! And we stand beside each and every one of you!

Here is what Abed said about what we fixed for them.

Bottom line: BEFORE YOU even think about installing epoxy, have us out for a quote so you know the risk you are taking by choosing epoxy.


Coronavirus To Do List?

Do you have a Coronavirus “To Do” list? Maybe it’s time to make one up?

After all, how many times have you walked past the overstuffed garage telling yourself, “One day…I’ll clean all that out when I have a week off work with nothing to do!”

Hmmm….well….and then the Coronavirus said, “TaDa!” Welcome to the time!


So what are you going to do with this time? Is time going to do you or are you going to do your time the way you want?

Then when this whole thing is over and life goes back to not having any more time to do anything, you will have accomplished cleaning out your garage! And getting your concrete covered with JAK concrete coatings!

Isn’t it time?

I see the floor!! Let’s get in there!! Clean up and get that floor looking Bravo!!